To prevent intergenerational offending, the ISCOS Fairy Godparent Programme (FGP) helps the children of inmates and ex-offenders from low-income families pursue a good education and acquire positive life skills. We also extend friendship and support to the beneficiaries and their family members so that they can aspire towards achieving a better future.

What is intergenerational offending?

Intergenerational offending refers to the observed phenomenon that offending tends to run in families. Past research studies (local and overseas) have shown that when one or both parents are incarcerated, there is a higher likelihood that the child may follow the parent’s missteps to commit offences, as compared to the general public.

Key FGP Initiatives

The programme supports beneficiaries in various initiatives as listed below:

Bursary Award and Book Grant

A reward for hard work and perseverance, the bursary award and book grant are offered to motivate student beneficiaries who demonstrate dedication and perseverance in studies, despite their challenging circumstances. Every eligible student will receive a reward ranging from $200 to $500 each (in the form of cash and/or vouchers) that can be used to pay for essential school items or supplement any other educational needs.

Sponsored Tuition

The Sponsored Tuition is specifically tailored to support underperforming students who require a stronger foundation in English and/or Mathematics/Science in order to catch up with their school work. The selected beneficiaries will be provided with professional tuition lessons at MOE-accredited tuition centres.

Setting up a Home Study Corner (LEAP)

The Living Environment Assistance Project (LEAP) supports children who do not have a conducive home study area. With the support of corporate partners and volunteers, ISCOS provides them with study tables and chairs (and reorganisation, if required) so that they may have a better home learning environment. Stressing on the importance of their involvement in the children’s education, ISCOS case coordinators will also share valuable tips and available learning resources with parents and caregivers.

Family Wellness and Bonding

Throughout the year, ISCOS organises enrichment workshops for children, youth and their parents at the annual Tri-Events. These include family bonding activities that emphasises on positive values, life skills, and family stability. In addition, an annual Family Day is planned to give beneficiaries the opportunity to bond during a fun day out.

Support Groups

Every month, FGP organises support groups dedicated to the mothers/caregivers and youths under the programme to offer them a supportive and friendly platform to share their unique set of challenges and experiences.


Type: Mothers' Support Group
Frequency: Monthly (Every last Tuesday of the month)
Venue: ISCOS Office
Time: 7pm to 9pm

Type: Youth Engagement Platform
Frequency: Monthly (Every last Thursday of the month)
Venue: ISCOS Office
Time: 7pm to 9pm