March 2020 - She makes her mark in careers dominated by men (The Straits Times) 


December 2019 - Free smart phones for ex-offenders to connect with their families and friends (Tamil Murasu)

December 2019 - Ex-offenders get free phones to help them reconnect with family friends (The Straits Times)

December 2019 - Helping ex-offenders reintegrate to society by offering smart phones (Shin Min Daily)

December 2019 - New Project offers smart phones to help ex-offenders reintegrate to society (Lian He Zao Bao)

December 2019 - Giving smartphones and data plans to help ex-offenders reintegrate more easily to society (Lian He Wan Bao)

December 2019 - ‘Smart Phone’ Project helps to change lives (Berita Harian) 

June 2019 - Ex-gangster boss goes into prison to teach tea appreciation (Lian He Wan Bao)

June 2019 - 70-year-old has served eight prison stints for drug offences (The Straits Times)

June 2019 - Old, frail and a criminal (The Straits Times)

Feburary 2019 - A Hub with Heart (Home Team News)

January 2019 - New televisiting facility caters to inmates' families (The Straits Times) 

January 2019 - New teleconferencing facility in Alexandra to cater to families of inmates in the central area (The Straits Times Online)

January 2019 - Young mother takes drugs and loses custody of son (Lian He Wan Bao)

January 2019 - Trying to strengthen family bonds after father’s release from prison (Berita Minggu)

January 2019 - ISCOS believes that second chances can help ex-offenders (Berita Minggu) 

January 2019 - “Do not bother about what people say…what matters is to keep the family together.” (Berita Minggu) 


December 2018 - Supporting Ex-Offenders and Their Families (Ministry of Home Affairs) 

December 2018 - ISCOS awards $96,200 bursary awards to 315 disadvantaged students (Berita Harian)

December 2018 - His Mum's Tears Moved Him to Change (The New Paper)

December 2018 - The final words from his own father and Mother in-law led the ex-offender back to the right path (Lian He Wan Bao)

November 2018 - Helping ex-offenders return to society, back to the world outside prison walls (Lian He Wan Bao)

November 2018 - 'Anything can be a trigger' for ex-addicts (The New Paper)

November 2018 - Ex-drug addict blames herself for family’s struggles (The New Paper)

November 2018 - 7 in 10 inmates are drug offenders (The New Paper) 

October 2018 - Kids of drug offenders face more than drugs alone (The New Paper)

September 2018 - ‘Free’ run around prison grounds (Berita Harian) 

September 2018 - Say No to drugs: Yellow Ribbon Project helps ex-offenders embrace new life (Lian He Zao Bao)

September 2018 - Man gives back to society after escaping death penalty (The Straits Times)

September 2018 - Ex-offender gives back after escaping death penalty (The New Paper)

August 2018 - Ex-COO works with ex-offenders to make a difference (The Straits Times)

July 2018 - No Shortcuts For Ex-Offenders To Reintegrate Into Society, But Your Kindness Can Help (The Pride)

June 2018 - Touching Lives: Back to Prison for A Different Reason (SNCF Co-Operator) 

May 2018 - Singapore Prison Service launches training courses, allowing social workers to obtain qualifications recognised in the country (Lian He Zao Bao)

February 2018 - Helping kids of ex-cons stay out of jail (The New Paper)


December 2017 - Helping Families of Offenders Reach Their Potential (Home Team News)

December 2017 - Fresh Out of Prison, and Trying to Keep Up with Singapore (Channel NewsAsia Online)

September 2017 - Commentary: Reintegrating ex-offenders a noble cause, but into what kind of a society? (Channel NewsAsia Online) 

July 2017 - Beyond the four walls (The AlumNUS Magazine)  This interview first appeared in the July-September 2017 issue of The AlumNUS magazine - NUS' quarterly alumni magazine.


December 2016 - This is the best of you (PopClub Magazine)

March 2016 - Fairy tale endings for difficult stories (Trafigura Annual Report)


December 2015 – Tee For Fund (Prestige Magazine)


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