December 2019 - Helping ex-offenders reintegrate to society by offering smart phones (Shin Min Daily)

December 2019 - New Project offers smart phones to help ex-offenders reintegrate to society (Lian He Zao Bao)

December 2019 - Free smart phones for ex-offenders to connect with their families and friends (Tamil Murasu)

December 2019 - ‘Smart Phone’ Project helps to change lives (Berita Harian)

December 2019 - ISCOS Project Give A Line, Change A Life: Giving smartphones and data plans to help ex-offenders reintegrate more easily to society (Lian He Wan Bao) 

December 2019 - Ex-offenders get free phones to help them reconnect with family, friends (The Straits Times)

November 2019 - This Way to the Future (A Magazine)

November 2019 - ISCOS 30th Anniversary Charity Gala (The Peak Magazine) 

October 2019 - Feting Fresh Starts (Prestige Magazine)

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June 2019 - Ex-gangster boss goes into prison to teach tea appreciation (Lian He Wan Bao)

June 2019 - 70-year-old has served eight prison stints for drug offences (The Straits Times)

June 2019 - Old, frail and a criminal (The Straits Times)

Feburary 2019 - A Hub with Heart (Home Team News)

January 2019 - New televisiting facility caters to inmates' families (The Straits Times) 

January 2019 - New teleconferencing facility in Alexandra to cater to families of inmates in the central area (The Straits Times Online)

January 2019 - Young mother takes drugs and loses custody of son (Lian He Wan Bao)

January 2019 - Trying to strengthen family bonds after father’s release from prison (Berita Minggu)

January 2019 - ISCOS believes that second chances can help ex-offenders (Berita Minggu) 

January 2019 - “Do not bother about what people say…what matters is to keep the family together.” (Berita Minggu) 


December 2018 - Supporting Ex-Offenders and Their Families (Ministry of Home Affairs) 

December 2018 - ISCOS awards $96,200 bursary awards to 315 disadvantaged students (Berita Harian)

December 2018 - His Mum's Tears Moved Him to Change (The New Paper)

December 2018 - The final words from his own father and Mother in-law led the ex-offender back to the right path (Lian He Wan Bao)

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November 2018 - 'Anything can be a trigger' for ex-addicts (The New Paper)

November 2018 - Ex-drug addict blames herself for family’s struggles (The New Paper)

November 2018 - 7 in 10 inmates are drug offenders (The New Paper) 

October 2018 - Kids of drug offenders face more than drugs alone (The New Paper)

September 2018 - ‘Free’ run around prison grounds (Berita Harian) 

September 2018 - Say No to drugs: Yellow Ribbon Project helps ex-offenders embrace new life (Lian He Zao Bao)

September 2018 - Man gives back to society after escaping death penalty (The Straits Times)

September 2018 - Ex-offender gives back after escaping death penalty (The New Paper)

July 2018 - No Shortcuts For Ex-Offenders To Reintegrate Into Society, But Your Kindness Can Help (The Pride)

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December 2017 - Helping Families of Offenders Reach Their Potential (Home Team News)

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September 2017 - Commentary: Reintegrating ex-offenders a noble cause, but into what kind of a society? (Channel NewsAsia Online) 

July 2017 - Beyond the four walls (The AlumNUS Magazine)  This interview first appeared in the July-September 2017 issue of The AlumNUS magazine - NUS' quarterly alumni magazine.


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TV / Video

Smartphone scheme to help ex-offenders integrate into digital world

Tech Talk - Give a Line Change A Life

Tech Talk - Give a Line Change A Life

A new programme aims to provide free phones, data subscriptions and support for newly released ex-offenders.Daniel Martin speaks to Jo-Anne Looi from the Industrial & Services Co-Operative Society (ISCOS), as well as Stuart Tan, CEO, Zero1 Pte Ltd.

Posted by CNA938 on Wednesday, 11 December 2019

ISCOS initiates new mobile app and smartphone project to help ex-offenders reintegrate to society

Please refer to the following URL: 

ISCOS beneficiaries tour Gardens By The Bay

ISCOS Current Affairs Programme

ISCOS Job Fair - 2010

ISCOS Job Fair - 2010

ISCOS Family Day - 2010