Facing rejection is tough but imagine having to experience it many times over. This is what ex-offenders go through even after serving their terms, which is why it is so important for ISCOS to be that place of welcome, that symbol of friendship to help our friends find their place in society again, which ties in with our tagline “You’ve got a friend”.

Unveiled in 2014, the new ISCOS logo reflects the spirit of friendship with the icon resembling a pair of wings and a heart, which represent ISCOS’ hope for members to achieve freedom, receive care and live a good life in the community. The wings also suggests our role in helping ex-offenders fly towards a better future, while the symbol of the heart represents care and dedication.

The colours, blue and mustard yellow, have been chosen to reflect the positive vibes at ISCOS. Blue represents the sky while yellow with a gold tint represents the dawn of a new day. The play of two blues in the wings adds the element of movement through shadow, towards a new beginning.